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.: Laptop theft exposes customer data - 6th Jun 2006

"Thousands of customers may have had their personal information exposed after a laptop containing data was stolen from an employee of Ernst & Young, the travel site's auditor..."

.: Muscled Up Spyware - 5th Jun 2006

"As spyware and adware have become increasingly powerful and difficult to remove, developers of anti-spyware programs have added a wider range of functionality to their applications to give users more powerful tools as well as greater control over those tools..."
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.: Spyware infections spreading, security expert says - 5th Jun 2006

"Spyware programs are increasing in number and growing in sophistication to avoid detection, making it harder to guard against infections and more costly to repair their damage, according to a security expert whose company tracks them on a regular basis..."

.: Virus levels drop as spyware soars - 2nd Jun 2006

"As organisations have improved at dealing with the threat of viruses, they have found that spam and spyware are continuing to clog up their systems, according to the latest figures from SoftScan.

However, while releasing this good news, SoftScan warned that "this only demonstrates a change in tactics, not that viruses are on their way out", noting that spam now accounted for 85 percent of all email the company had scanned in May

.: New Ways To Fight Spyware, Spam - 1st Jun 2006

"Thanks to spam and spyware, no one could blame you if you dread logging on to your computer these days.

Too often it seems that you're either ridding your inbox of piles of unrequested, irrelevant e-mail messages or worrying about whether the latest computer slowdown is the result of some malicious software that's integrated itself onto your system. ..."
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