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  My Entire Inbox was just inundated with SPAM today. We hear this so many times. Spam has become so much a part of our regular lifestyle. But what is a Spam??? Well, to put in layman terms, Spam is an unsolicited, un-called for email that has been sent to you by some kind of an automated means.

The purpose of Spam has always been marketing of their products that are from coffee beans to virtual sex. And with every second passing by, almost every person is linked to the internet and emailing in someway, thus only provoking spammers to make an uninvited advance towards you to market their product.

But how does this actually work??? Well, spamming for a spammer is one of the best experiences. Let us assume that a spammer spends about $10 towards the purchase of valid email-ids and in return he gets about 10000 email ids , assuming his success to be 0.1%, he still gets 10 customers, and definitely, those 10 customers do bring him good profit. So if there is something that is wasted in here, it just the time that you spent in sending those emails.

With ever growing competition, everyone wants to advertise but since budget is a constraint with so many of these businesses, the only economic, and sure shot way to reach a consumer is to mail them thus adding to a Spam mail traffic. It is good that emails cannot open all by themselves moment you log on and begin to narrate the content; Else, your mind would be polluted with so many things at a time. But nevertheless, it is a concept that has gone haywire. AOL has gone on record and said that they filter about 2 billion messages as filter per day and MSN has gone on records saying it is 2.4 billion messages per day with them. Can you imagine, the junk that these Spam are creating?

Now, when we know what spamming is, our next question would be , what is the mode of operation for these spammers. Well they usually have software that extracts, the screen names and email addresses. The software is almost like a search engine, except that here the search limit is unto noting down an email address. Spambot was a perfect spamming software. Also, there are some software that search the email directory of many email big websites, then randomly add characters, either by prefixing, or tagging and then recheck if that is a valid email id, thus adding to a spammers list of valid addresses. One place where you openly invite spammers when you consciously or unconsciously tick the box that takes the permission from you to send marketing mails, thus giving the company every right to sell your email address to a list of spammers.

Spamming since is very irritating to the mind especially when you are busy needs to be controlled.

- Using filters is one thing. Hotmail has three kinds of filters. Exclusive meant only for those in your contact list, Enhanced, filtering Spam to a large extent, low where only obvious Spam is filtered. But its is just not about this, in spite of having so many filters, yet we see that so many Spam mails make it through. The reason being they have very business like subjects, which the filters, which are nothing but software programs, think that they are, not Spam.

- Taking a list of spammers for a price from companies which keep a track of spammers and blocking those IP addresses is one another solution.

- Not using email, but just using online forms for correspondence is another method to avoid spamming.

With growing technology however spammers are being smart, by hacking into other machines, creating zombies for them and then carrying out their operations is one smart move they have made though, online forms are one solution to this.

US has a law CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 that does permit spamming but when the purpose is true, there is no dark side hidden, but this is rarely the case, hence almost everyone is into violation of the law.

For the members of the European Union, European Union Directive s Article 13 does not permit spamming.

Spam Act 2003 of Australia does permit specified types of Spam.

But in spite of all the rules and regulations, spamming is still rampant on the web. One way to look at this situation is to hope that spamming ends, and another way would be to accept it. But all this is too good to happen. So here is hoping for the best. - Software to keep your data secure


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