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.: Advertisers may face public humiliation over adware - 10th Feb 2006

"Companies could find themselves put up for public humiliation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission if they continue to advertise through insidious ad-serving software.

Such a move might help in the battle against adware, FTC Commissioner Jon Leibowitz said Thursday at an event here hosted by the Anti-Spyware Coalition. Adware is software that displays pop-up ads on PCs, often after Internet searches..."

.: Security breach prompts Bank of America to cancel cards - 10th Feb 2006

"A security breach involving an undisclosed company has prompted Bank of America to cancel the debit cards of numerous customers, a spokesman for the country's largest bank said Tuesday.

Bank of America refused to release the name of the company involved, the exact number of customers affected or whether the company in question was online or a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment..."

.: Study Notes Decline in Internet Spyware - 7th Feb 2006

"A new study details the extent and seriousness of potentially destructive spyware on the Internet, finding that it is still prevalent but declined significantly.

University of Washington computer scientists sampled more than 20 million Internet sites looking for programs that can covertly enter computers. While most spyware can be a nuisance—generating pop-ups, loading unwanted programs—it can also perform such malicious tasks as gathering personal data or using your modem to dial costly toll numbers..."
[Live Science]

.: Spyware tunnels in on Winamp flaw - 4th Feb 2006

"A security bug in Winamp is being exploited by miscreants to install spyware on machines running the media player software, experts have warned.

Earlier this week, security companies warned that attack code for exploiting the flaw was circulating on the Internet. On Thursday, Sunbelt Software said it had found a Web site hosting a malicious Winamp playlist file. Opening the file loads spyware onto an unwitting user's PC, it said..."

.: New bid to tackle spyware scourge - 2nd Feb 2006

"PC users are getting help to tackle the rising tide of spyware. Five computer security firms are collaborating on a common naming system for spyware and will co-produce tools to remove the malicious software.

The initiative hopes to remove some of the current confusion caused by anti-spyware firms managing their own labelling and removal methods..."

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