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.: Universities ready spyware hall of shame - 31st Jan 2006

"Harvard University and Oxford University are teaming with Consumer Reports to launch a Web site called, which will be an online hall of shame for those trafficking in spyware or questionable forms of adware.

Decisions about which individuals, vendors and businesses will be singled out for criticism and discussion for propagating and promoting "badware" will fall to the organizers of the effort, operating together as The Stop Badware Coalition..."

.: Bots Nearly Triple In 2005 - 27th Jan 2006

"The number of bots released in 2005 was almost triple that of the year before, Madrid-based Panda Software said Thursday, spotlighting the growing problem of PC hijacking.

Last year was the second running where the number of bots -- programs on infected computers that listen and respond to commands from their controller -- increased faster than any other category of malware, added Panda, which tracked a 175 percent jump over 2004..."

.: Fastest growing malware threat: bots - 27th Jan 2006

"Bots are the fastest growing malware threat, with more than 10,000 new variants detected last year, security firm Panda Labs said Thursday.

The company reported a 175-percent jump in new bots in 2005, making them 20 percent of the total new malware detected..."
[SC Magazine]

.: Vista security will drive adoption, Allchin says - 27th Jan 2006

"Microsoft is betting that Windows Vista's new security and cost reduction features will convince IT managers to speed up their migration plans.

"I had this same discussion about [XP] SP2," he said. "Some customers moved immediately and some have waited. But we know factually that you are 15 times more likely to get spyware on a pre-SP2 system. Vista is night and day to SP2..."

.: Japanese police nab spyware suspect - 27th Jan 2006

"Japanese police have arrested a suspected spyware developer believed responsible for stealing Internet banking passwords, according to Kyodo News.

Atsushi Takewaka is accused of conspiring with Kiichi Hirayama to use a spyware program to steal Internet banking passwords that were later used to withdraw money from online accounts, Kyodo News reported, citing information provided by police in Japan..."

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