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.: Feds asked to take action against adware maker - 24th Jan 2006

"An anti-spyware watchdog group has lodged official complaints against 180solutions and one of its partners, dealing a blow to the adware industry's efforts to police itself.

180Solutions deliberately and repeatedly duped Internet users into downloading intrusive advertising software, according to a Center for Democracy and Technology complaint. The company continued these practices even after it pledged to better itself and after receiving warnings from spyware experts and privacy advocates, the group said..."

.: Fighting Spyware Is Never-Ending Battle - 20th Jan 2006

"Early adopters of anti-spyware products may focus primarily on a product's ability to identify and clean spyware on the desktop, but eWEEK Labs recommends that administrators be proactive—emphasizing new practices or technologies that thwart malware threats before installation while being aware of the potential for complications that could arise in doing so.

Anti-spyware vendors are in a constant tug of war with malware writers, trying to cope with and compensate for new technologies that make malware harder to identify and eradicate. For example, the latest malware instances may use rootkits to hide their presence, self-healing mechanisms to spontaneously regenerate when threatened and active processes that try to disable resident security programs..."

.: More WMF woes for Microsoft - 11th Jan 2006

"Even as Microsoft was releasing its latest batch of patches, two previously undocumented Windows Meta File (WMF) flaws have been exposed.

The new vulnerabilities were discovered by a computer enthusiast known as 'cocoruder' and affect all Windows operating systems beyond Windows 95. The flaws are in the Graphics Rendering Engine and could allow a hacker to exploit a memory overrun and crash a PC..."

.: New Batch of WMF Flaws Flagged - 10th Jan 2006

"Just days after the release of Microsoft's out-of-cycle WMF patch, researchers publish details—and exploit code—for two new denial-of-service vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Corp.'s Windows image rendering nightmare just won't go away. Just days after rushing out an emergency fix to counter a spate of zero-day attacks, security researchers claim there are at least two new flaws in the way the Windows graphics rendering engine handles WMF (Windows Metafile) images..."
[PC Magazine]

.: Wait for Windows patch opens attack window - 4th Jan 2006

"A serious flaw in Windows is generating a rising number of cyberattacks, but Microsoft says it won't deliver a fix until next week.

That could be too late, security experts said. The vulnerability, which lies in the way the operating system renders Windows Meta File images, could infect a PC if the victim simply visits a Web site that contains a malicious image file. Consumers and businesses face a serious risk until it's fixed, experts said. "This vulnerability is rising in popularity among hackers, and it is simple to exploit

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