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.: Microsoft warms up for security push - 7th Oct 2005

"Microsoft plans to release a full suite of security products for enterprise desktops dubbed Microsoft Client Protection, chief executive Steve Ballmer said on Thursday at an event in Munich, Germany.

The new security product is aimed at desktops, laptops and file servers and will protect against spyware, rootkits, viruses and other traditional attacks..."
[IT Week]

.: Hidden-code flaw in Windows renews worries over stealthy malware - 7th Sep 2005

"Last week, the Internet Storm Center, a group of security professionals that track threats on the Net, flagged a flaw in how a common Microsoft Windows utility and several anti-spyware utilities detect system changes made by malicious software. By using long names for registry keys, spyware programs could, in a simple way, hide from such utilities yet still force the system to run the malicious program every time the compromised computer starts up...."

.: Spyware plague goes corporate - 7th Sep 2005

"The number of reported corporate spyware incidents rocketed by almost 20 per cent between April and June of this year, research published today has claimed.

According to the latest State of Spyware report issued by anti-spyware vendor Webroot Software, spyware writers are actively growing their distribution channels and entering previously untapped markets..."

.: New Generation Of Anti-Spyware Targets Network Safety - 7th Sep 2005

"The new anti-spyare products no longer rely on signatures, instead using technology that can stop new and unknown programs from invading PCs.

Anti-spyware start-ups are rolling out proactive solutions that can stop new and unknown programs from invading PCs. Over time, anti-spyware software will likely evolve from threat-specific technologies into Host-based Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS) designed to protect desktops and laptops from a broad class of malware..."

.: In 'cookie' fight, it's not clear who's winning - 3rd Aug 2005

"Internet users are taking back control of their computers, and online marketers and publishers are not pleased. But they do not quite know what to do about their conundrum - if it is a conundrum, since they cannot even agree on that.

Until recently, Internet businesses could track their users freely, using so-called cookies, tiny text files they secretly embed on the surfer's hard drive. Now, with the proliferation of antispyware programs that can delete unwanted cookies, they often cannot tell who has been to their Web site or what they have seen..."

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