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.: Spyware, adware and unaware - 3rd Aug 2005

"Spyware is public enemy number one. Web advertising networks are strongly lobbying to make sure that the anti-Spyware bill known as the Spy Act is watered down a bit before passage.

These tenacious Washington insiders are concerned that the law as written could restrict their ability to do their job that is, to infiltrate corporate computer networks, to reduce employee productivity and to slow down corporate networks. Recent surveys of IT managers around the world have identified spyware as the number one threat faced by corporate security managers..."
[SC Magazine]

.: In 'cookie' fight, it's not clear who's winning - 3rd Aug 2005

"Internet users are taking back control of their computers, and online marketers and publishers are not pleased. But they do not quite know what to do about their conundrum - if it is a conundrum, since they cannot even agree on that.

Until recently, Internet businesses could track their users freely, using so-called cookies, tiny text files they secretly embed on the surfer's hard drive. Now, with the proliferation of antispyware programs that can delete unwanted cookies, they often cannot tell who has been to their Web site or what they have seen..."

.: Spyware Costs IT $130,000 Monthly - 3rd Aug 2005

"A survey of more than 1,000 IT managers and end users reveals that spyware and other unsanctioned downloads are resulting in average monthly costs of $130,000 to IT enterprises. The survey also found that spyware incursions appear to be growing at a rate twice that of computer virus incidents.

Greynets, applications that are downloaded and installed on end user PCs without IT sanction, are increasingly represented by instant messaging. "Within the next six months, virtually all end users will have deployed some type of greynet application," the report states. "Based on stated intentions, this number will rise to 93 percent in the next six months..."

.: The Mystery of Spyware, Part II - 24th Jun 2005

"An anti-spyware software company finds that spyware broadly defined is found on roughly nine out of ten online computers. Webroot looked at spyware incidence on corporate and consumer PCs, scanning more than 35,000 corporate systems in about 18,000 companies, and running more than 1 million scans of individual PCs belonging to visitors to the Webroot site.

"The definition of spyware is all programs installing themselves onto a user's computer by stealth, subterfuge and/or social engineering and whose purpose is to redirect a user's activities or record those activities in a way that reduces a user's privacy, protection or peace of mind..."

.: Spyware Stoppers Still Improving - 22nd Jun 2005

"Spyware and adware continue to evolve--as does the software expressly designed to thwart these pests. I looked at new installments of three anti-spyware applications: a prerelease version of Sunbelt Software's CounterSpy 1.5, plus shipping versions of Webroot's Spy Sweeper 4 and FBM Software's ZeroSpyware 2005.

Previous versions of both CounterSpy and Spy Sweeper performed well in our April "Spyware Stoppers" roundup, giving me reason to believe that their latest iterations would do equally well in this round of tests..."

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