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.: Fake Microsoft Patch Triggers Virus Attack - 24th May 2005

"Like day follows night, a bogus "cumulative update" with a malicious attachment has followed Microsoft's patch day.

In what has become a monthly staple, virus writers are taking advantage of the heightened public interest around Microsoft's patching cycle to trick users into executing a malicious attachment. The latest social engineering trick arrives via e-mail with an attachment that purports to be a "cumulative patch" for May 2005..."

.: Microsoft aims for anti-virus - 24th May 2005

"Microsoft is at work on enterprise anti-virus, antispyware and other managed services to complement its recently-announced Windows OneCare for consumers and small businesses, sources said.

The software giant confirmed that it had an enterprise anti-virus service in development. Other sources said Microsoft was developing a broad managed services platform also comprising antispyware and possibly Domain Name Service hardening, Wi-Fi provider ID assurance and firewall services for email filtering..."

.: The Battle with Spyware and Adware - 24th May 2005

"Less than a year ago, the National Cyber Security Alliance reported that 80 percent of consumers had adware or spyware on their home PCs. Further information reveals that spyware is on the rise in industries as well, affecting offices, hospitals, and financial institutions.

Spyware - that ubiquitous application that conjures up images of someone lurking in the shadows – cripples computers while stealing time and information. The means to combat spyware & adware vary, but there’s one thing just about everyone can agree on: what started as a minor annoyance has ballooned into a full-blown headache..."
[IT Observer]

.: Spying on the spyware makers - 11th May 2005

"Ben Edelman may be spyware's most dangerous enemy. The 25-year-old researcher has spent years analyzing how spyware and adware programs work and disclosing his findings publicly. That often results in red faces and, occasionally, lawsuit threats from companies like WhenU and Claria, formerly known as Gator.

When testing spyware and adware, Edelman isn't about to sacrifice his own Windows XP computer. So he uses the VMware utility to create a virtual Windows box. "I infect the hell out of it," he says. "It destroys the infected machine

.: The end of spyware? Fat chance - 10th May 2005

"Why should anyone be surprised that the epidemic of spyware--and its kissing cousin, adware--is getting worse? The raison d'etre for this sort of thing is as American as apple pie. Call it the unexpected outgrowth of entrepreneurial capitalism. Or if you're wont to take a more cynical view of our affairs, chalk it up to the seamier side of human nature.

In the late 1990s, advertisers wanted more-accurate ways to track click-through rates on their Internet advertisements. Cookies weren't doing the trick, and a cottage industry subsequently grew up that helped companies better monitor Web surfing patterns. Among other things, these companies discovered ways to download code onto computers, code that then popped up relevant advertisements when people opened Web pages..."

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