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.: OSX 'at risk from attack' - 24th Mar 2005

"Security vendor Symantec is warning that Apple's OS X operating system is increasingly becoming a target for hackers and malware authors.

In its seventh bi-annual Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec said over the past year, security researchers had discovered at least 37 serious vulnerabilities in the Mac OS X system. According to Symantec, as Apple increases its market share with new low cost products such as the Mac mini its userbase is likely to come under increasing attack..."

.: Alternative browser spyware infects IE - 15th Mar 2005

"Some useful citizen has created an installer that will nail IE with spyware, even if a surfer is using Firefox (or another alternative browser) or has blocked access to the malicious site in IE beforehand. The technique allows a raft of spyware to be served up to Windows users in spite of any security measures that might be in place.

Christopher Boyd, a security researchers at, said the malware installer was capable of working on a range of browsers with native Java support. "The spyware installer is a Java applet powered by the Sun Java Runtime Environment, which allows them to whack most browsers out there, including Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and others. In the original test, only Opera and Netcaptor didn't fall for the install but Daniel Veditz, who is the head of Mozilla security, has since confirmed to me that this will also work in Opera and Netcaptor," he explained..."

.: 'Perfect storm' for new privacy laws? - 13th Mar 2005

"A series of security break-ins is kick-starting a political drive to reshape federal laws that dictate how companies protect personal information--and what they have to do if that data leaks out.

What began with the leak of tens of thousands of records from data broker ChoicePoint earlier this month was quickly compounded by a series of rapid-fire incidents involving Bank of America, Science Applications International Corp., an online payroll services company and the T-Mobile Sidekick of hotel heiress Paris Hilton..."

.: Hackers break into citizen database - 9th Mar 2005

"Hackers have gained access to personal information of about 32,000 U.S. citizens on databases owned by publisher Reed Elsevier, the second company to reveal a major breach in the past month. The FBI and the Secret Service arm of the U.S. Treasury Department are investigating, a company representative said Wednesday.

Anglo-Dutch publisher Reed Elsevier said the breach at the Seisint unit was found after a customer's billing complaint in the last week led to the discovery that an identity and password had been misappropriated. The information accessed included names, addresses, Social Security and driver's license numbers, but not credit history, medical records or financial information..."

.: ChoicePoint breach not the first - 3rd Mar 2005

"Contrary to the CEO's statement, this was the second time security thieves gained access to ChoicePoint's customer database. A newly revealed case shows that the vast commercial database of personal information at ChoicePoint was tapped by identity thieves in 2002 -- contradicting a statement by its chief executive that a much more recent breach was the first of its kind.

Previously in 2002, 7,000 to 10,000 inquiries on names and Social Security numbers in the database were gleamed and some of those identities used to commit at least $1 million worth of fraud. Last week, after a similar case became public, ChoicePoint Chief Executive Derek Smith told The Associated Press in an interview that the company had never been victimized by that kind of criminal operation before. He did not mention the 2002 case..."
[Miami Herald]

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