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.: The man with the RFID arm - 16th Feb 2005

"To many, implanting radio frequency ID chips into humans is the face of impending Orwellianism. But to be honest, it looks like a mosquito bite. Joseph Krull, an executive at Flanders, N.J.-based Virtual Corp., had a doctor stick an RFID tag from VeriChip under his skin on Jan. 10. The residual blemish amounts to a small red dot.

Under-the-skin RFID tags have emerged as one of the most controversial technologies of the past few years. Privacy advocates have asserted that private information from the radio tags could be intercepted by corporations and identity thieves. ..."

.: Windows anti-spyware to come free of charge - 15th Feb 2005

"Ending speculation about whether it was shifting to a paid model, Microsoft said on Tuesday that it will provide customers with its new anti-spyware software for free.

The pledge, made by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates during his keynote speech kicking off the RSA Conference 2005 here, comes after the company had been testing its AntiSpyware application--technology it acquired with its purchase of security software maker Giant Software. "Just as spyware is something that we have to nip down today, we have decided that all licensed Windows users should have that protection at no charge," Gates said..."

.: Database giant gives access to fake firms - 15th Feb 2005

"Criminals posing as legitimate businesses have accessed critical personal data stored by ChoicePoint Inc., a firm that maintains databases of background information on virtually every U.S. citizen, has learned.

The incident involves a wide swath of consumer data, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, credit reports and other information. ChoicePoint aggregates and sells such personal information to government agencies and private companies..."

.: National ID cards on the way? - 14th Feb 2005

"A recent vote in Congress endorsing standardized, electronically readable driver's licenses has raised fears about whether the proposal would usher in what amounts to a national ID card.

In a vote that largely divided along party lines, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a Republican-backed measure that would compel states to design their driver's licenses by 2008 to comply with federal antiterrorist standards. Federal employees would reject licenses or identity cards that don't comply, which could curb Americans' access to everything from airplanes to national parks and some courthouses..."

.: You Call This Trustworthy Computing? - 14th Feb 2005

"When Bill Gates takes the stage at the RSA conference in San Francisco this week, you can be sure he'll give an upbeat assessment of Windows security. The pending acquisition of security vendor Sybari Software Inc., disclosed last week, adds to a growing portfolio of products that promise to batten down Windows networks. And, as he's done in the past, Microsoft's chairman likely will detail other accomplishments and forward-looking plans that portray a company delivering on his 3-year-old promise to make Windows environments "trustworthy."

It's a compelling message, except for one unavoidable fact: The software patches just keep coming. Microsoft last week issued a dozen security bulletins addressing 17 software vulnerabilities, tantamount to a shotgun blast of holes through the company's product line..."

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