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.: Giant step for Microsoft spyware killer - 5th Jan 2005

"Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on its spyware killer, which is based on technology from a recently acquired company, Giant Software. The beta version is expected to debut in a few days.

Microsoft's December purchase of Giant, a small U.S. publisher of spyware detection software, put Microsoft in a position to offer an antispyware application of its own. Spyware is software that can, among other things, inundate users with unwanted pop-ups and surreptitiously monitor a computer's activity. The technology enthusiast Web site has just published the first screenshots of the beta version, putting a release date of Thursday on the beta..."

.: The Business of Fighting Terror - 5th Jan 2005

"Antiterrorism is an industry. Since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001, the news has been filled with stories on proposed surveillance and data-mining programs, ranging from the Total Information Awareness system and the MATRIX to CAPPS II and journalist Steven Brill's drive for a private, biometric identification card

Antiterrorism books also form an industry -- albeit a smaller one -- but until Robert O'Harrow Jr., a reporter for The Washington Post, published No Place to Hide this week, the true nature of an ever-growing national surveillance complex was largely unknown..."

.: Phishing, Spyware, Others Plague Internet - 1st Jan 2005

"Computer worms raced around the world, leaving behind tools that spread spam. Scammers sent e-mail to trick bank account holders into revealing passwords. Rogue programs known as "spyware" hijacked Web browsers and crippled computers.

These were among the top Internet threats of 2004 as the perpetrators grew smarter and more sophisticated, driven more than ever by economic gains. And while technology to combat such threats has improved, experts concede that's not enough to address what's bound to emerge in the coming year..."

.: Netcraft goes fishing for phishers - 30th Dec 2004

"Netcraft has released an Internet Explorer plug-in that could help people avoid becoming victims of online fraud. The Internet security company heralded the plug-in toolbar, which displays information about the Web sites a surfer is visiting, as a strong weapon against phishing attacks.

"The Netcraft Toolbar provides you with constantly updated information about the sites you visit as well as blocking dangerous sites," the company, best known for providing statistics on what software Web sites are running, stated in a posting. "This information will help you make an informed choice about the integrity of those sites..."

.: Radio ID: Asset or snoop? - 30th Dec 2004

"Nearly unknown a decade ago, a device the size of a pencil tip is beginning to infiltrate every corner and pocket of American life. This recent technology called RFID for "radio frequency identification" is making everything from warehouse inventory to lost-luggage tracking to library checkouts easier, faster and much more informed.

At the same time, the rush to harness the technology is raising a host of regulatory and other concerns, including the invasion of privacy, personal freedom and civil rights. Those issues, in turn, are generating concern by lawmakers about how access to data collected by such methods should be limited and protected..."
[Washington Times]

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