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.: The spyware threat - 1st Nov 2004

"David Eckstein turned on his computer one day and launched his Web browser, just as he had every day. This time, however, did not automatically open. Instead, the page was a search engine he’d never heard of. Eckstein tried changing the browser settings back to CNN but the search engine would return whenever he rebooted. Finally, he just gave up.

The San Francisco marketing consultant is yet another victim of spyware, an amorphous class of software that mostly gets onto people’s computers without their knowledge. So resource-hungry, it often renders the machines unusable..."

.: Study Detailing RFID Privacy Concerns Released - 29th Oct 2004

"In a recent study of over 8,000 consumers conducted by Artafact LLC and BIGresearch, 63% of consumers who are aware of RFID reported feeling very or somewhat concerned about invasion of privacy issues. Those most sensitive to the issue surprisingly are men (65%) and they tend to be older (35-54 years of age), better-educated and higher income than the general population.

Government tops the list of "bad guys" as the organization most likely to abuse consumer privacy information with 88% of those people concerned with privacy believing that the government is the biggest threat to using their information without explicit permission..."

.: The Privacy Lawyer: RFID May Be Risky Business - 26th Oct 2004

"As we move closer to the day when individual items by and large will be tagged, companies had better be prepared to have clear policies for how they'll handle data they may collect from consumers.

Where privacy and data collection are concerned, privacy professionals understand that with more data comes greater responsibility and legal risks. If the industry reaches a point where it can somehow use RFID tags to track a product all the way into consumers' homes and beyond, the industry also must ensure that it's protecting the privacy rights of the individuals who buy that product..."

.: Openness as a Privacy Protection Strategy - 26th Oct 2004

"The challenge that new computer, network and sensor technologies pose for privacy is now beyond dispute. At the forefront of social, legal and business struggles over defining privacy in an age of increasing exposure of personal information is the transparent enterprise.

All of this means that we're collecting orders of magnitude more information and have the power to do much more with it than ever before. So, the privacy challenge in the age of transparency is, How do we respect the privacy expectations of our customers and employees while taking advantage of critical new data-integration capabilities available to us?..."

.: A global assault on anonymity - 26th Oct 2004

"To show why the government's terrorist-finding database doesn't work, Elizabeth LaForest points to her own case file: While her arrest records are authentic, these days the 89-year-old Roman Catholic nun doesn't often run afoul of the law when taking part in peace demonstrations.

So Sister LaForest joined the American Civil Liberties Union this year to sue the state of Michigan, charging that a controversial law enforcement data-sharing program there was breaking the state's privacy laws...."

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