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.: Record the Lens That Records You - 28th Nov 2002

"Ronald Deibert, a University of Toronto associate professor of political science, wants people to grab their cameras and hit the shopping malls Dec. 24 and participate in World Sousveillance Day. Surveillance means "to view from above." Sousveillance means "to view from below."

On the day before Christmas, at noon, local time, all over the world, Deibert wants citizens to "shoot back" at surveillance cameras -- not with guns, but with cameras of their own. Participants are to head out, in disguise, to their favorite malls and public spaces, and photograph all the security cameras they find..."

.: Promise of P3P stalls as backers regroup - 29th Oct 2002

"Six months after its recommendation as an Internet standard, a major privacy initiative is entering an awkward adolescence as software heavyweights adopt it and individual Web sites leave it to languish.

In ordinary economic times, a protocol like the World Wide Web Consortium's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) might have a hard time gaining acceptance in the marketplace, as mainstream consumers generally exhibit lax security practices when it comes to their own online privacy..."

.: Search firm caves in to privacy pressure - 3rd Oct 2002

"Fast Search and Transfer's bowed to pressure from a consumer advocate this week by adding a first-ever privacy policy disclosing its data-sharing practices.

The Internet search provider, based in Oslo, Norway, responded to a complaint filed with the Norwegian government in late September by Public Information Research (PIR), a consumer advocacy group. The complaint charged AlltheWeb with failing to notify visitors that it uses tiny electronic tags to monitor search queries and share the data with third parties, in violation of Norwegian laws..."

.: Ensuring privacy's post-attack survival - 11th Sep 2002

"The bill to create the new Department of Homeland Security is now before the Senate. The new Department, once created, will enhance the federal government's ability to collect and use information about American citizens--or in today's favorite catch phrase, to "connect the dots."

But which dots will be connected, by whom and for what purpose?..."

.: Surveillance Society: Don't look now, but you may find you're being watched - 9th Sep 2002

"These days, if you feel like somebody's watching you, you might be right. One year after the Sept. 11 attacks, security experts and privacy advocates say there has been a surge in the number of video cameras installed around the country. The electronic eyes keep an unwavering gaze on everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Washington Monument.

And biometric facial recognition technology is being tested with video surveillance systems in a handful of places such as the Fresno airport and the resort area of Virginia Beach, Va..."
[SF Gate]

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