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.: Record Labels Sue Internet Providers over Site - 17th Aug 2002

"The world's largest record companies sued major Internet service and network providers on Friday, alleging their routing systems allow users to access the China-based Web site and unlawfully copy musical recordings.

The copyright infringement suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, seeks a court order requiring the defendants to block Internet communications that travel through their systems to and from the Listen4ever site. The suit says the plaintiffs have not been able to determine who owns the Web site..."

.: IE flaw can expose credit cards - 13th Aug 2002

"Security researchers say they have found a serious flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that could expose credit card and other sensitive information of Internet surfers.

The IE problem has been around for at least five years and could allow an attacker to intercept personal data when a person is making a purchase or providing information for e-commerce purposes, said Mike Benham, an independent security researcher based in San Francisco. "If you ever typed in credit card information to an SSL site, there's a chance that somebody intercepted it,'' he said, referring to the Secure Socket Layer protocol for encryption and authentification..."

.: Microsoft, FTC reach privacy settlement - 8th Aug 2002

"The U.S. government has reached a settlement with Microsoft over complaints that the company's Passport authentication service poses a threat to consumers' privacy and security. As part of the settlement, Microsoft agreed to implement a comprehensive information security program for Passport and similar services, the Federal Trade Commission announced Thursday.

The proposed consent order prohibits any misrepresentation of information practices in connection with Passport. It requires the software maker to operate and maintain a comprehensive information security program..."

.: Biometrics: Beyond hype and hysteria - 8th Aug 2002

"Although the September 11 terrorist attacks focused the spotlight on technologies that recognize irises, facial features, fingerprints and voice, the heightened focus on security is not translating into boom sales of biometrics products.

In fact, biometrics suppliers are still struggling to find ways to sell their technology to more enterprise-level customers. Even worse, they are viewed in some quarters as facilitators of a "Big Brother" police state. There are elements of hype and hysteria at play, so it's useful to step back for a moment and take a look at what's really going on..."

.: Is privacy the next casualty? - 6th Aug 2002

"WASHINGTON--Sen. Mike DeWine is crusading to hand the FBI new powers to eavesdrop on immigrants and other non-citizens living in America. The Ohio Republican, a former county prosecutor, is proposing that police need only have a "suspicion" that someone has links to terrorism before being able to spy on that person or snoop through their home.

DeWine's bill does not authorize the Feds to target American citizens or green card holders. But it does mean that the mere "suspicion" of illicit activities would be enough to wiretap the phones and bug the e-mail communications of tourists or legal immigrants who hold H-1B, B-2, TN-1, or student visas..."

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