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.: Privacy groups take efforts to European level - 14th Jun 2002

"Two British organisations join continental counterparts to oppose EU and Council of Europe incursions into personal data.

Ten European privacy and civil rights groups, including two from Britain, have joined forces to create an international body for lobbying at a European level. The move comes as concerns grow over erosion of data privacy by the UK's Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and by European Union regulations.

The group, European Digital Rights (EDRi), was formed by 10 separate bodies in seven EU member states. In the UK, the Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR) and Privacy International will work with EDRi..."

.: European Digital Rights launches - 14th Jun 2002

"Ten European Net privacy and freedom groups have banded together to form an international civil rights group.

Called European Digital Rights (EDRi), the new organisation will be based in Brussels, where it will "focus its activities towards developments in the European Union and the Council of Europe". This is necessary, because rulings on privacy and interception are coming more and at an EU, and the introduction of new civil rights-threatening regulation is coming at an increasing pace, the group says..."
[The Register]

.: UK pushes boundaries of citizen surveillance - 12th Jun 2002

"The data retention powers to be handed to a wide range of UK government agencies will exceed those available anywhere else in the world, writes Neil McIntosh.

For the last four years two privacy watchdogs, the Electronic Privacy Information Centre and the London-based Privacy International, have produced a worldwide survey of privacy and human rights..."

.: EU targets Microsoft over data privacy - 11th Jun 2002

"The European Union is examining charges that Microsoft's .Net Passport system breaks EU rules on data privacy, a European Commission official said Tuesday. The official said he expected member states to make a formal announcement after July 1.

The official was commenting after Microsoft called a news conference to deny the Commission or any EU state was formally investigating the .Net Passport system about collecting personal data from Internet users..."

.: Gnat or Parasite? Angst Over Adware - 8th Jun 2002

"In February, Jennifer Pazdan thought that her computer was possessed.

Ms. Pazdan, 21, who graduated last month from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, recalls downloading the popular music-file-sharing programs Morpheus and KaZaA as well as an addictive video game called Snood. Almost immediately her computer started acting strangely. Small windows with ads started popping up on her desktop. Her normally speedy computer took more than 10 minutes to perform simple tasks, and software that she didn't know she had began causing her Internet browser to crash, forcing her to shut down her computer repeatedly..."

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