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.: Kazaa exec defends sleeper software - 8th Apr 2002

"Two days after disclosures that file-swappers using Kazaa were unwittingly downloading software that could turn their computers into part of a new network, Kazaa's owner spoke up to defend the company's actions.

As previously reported, Kazaa quietly has been bundled for two months with software that contains the core of a new peer-to-peer network. This software, from a California company called Brilliant Digital Entertainment, has been installed on potentially tens of millions of computers. Brilliant Digital plans to "turn on" this software in four to six weeks, tapping the resources of potentially tens of millions of ordinary PCs to distribute content or advertising or to run complicated computer tasks..."

.: Web surfers brace for pop-up downloads - 8th Apr 2002

"Web surfers who thought online advertisements were becoming increasing obtrusive may be dismayed about a new tactic: pop-up downloads.

In recent weeks, some software makers have enlisted Web site operators to entice their visitors to download software rather than simply to view some advertising. For example, when visiting a site a person may receive a pop-up box that appears as a security warning with the message: "Do you accept this download?" If the consumer clicks "Yes," an application is automatically installed..."

.: Is your e-mail watching you? - 4th Apr 2002

"Watch out--the spam choking your e-mail in-box may be loaded with software that lets marketers track your moves online, and you may not even be aware that you've been bugged.

Web sites have long planted bits of code called "cookies" on consumers' hard drives to tailor Internet pages for returning visitors and better target ads. Now, enhanced messages that share the look and feel of Web pages are being used to deliver the same bits of code through e-mail, in many cases without regard for safeguards that have been developed to protect consumer privacy on the Web..."

.: Two New Web Privacy Tools Out - 4th Apr 2002

"International Business Machines said on Wednesday it is releasing free software that will allow companies to automate their Internet privacy practices, while AT&T has free software to alert Web surfers to different privacy settings on websites.

The announcements come at a time when moves by the U.S. government and industry providing consumers greater protection of their personal information on the Internet have been rolled back in light of concerns over terrorism and national security..."

.: DoubleClick close to settling privacy suits - 29th Mar 2002

"DoubleClick on Friday was granted preliminary approval to settle all state and federal class-action lawsuits charging that it violated the privacy of Web surfers.

The preliminary settlement, set to be finalized May 21, would clear up class-action lawsuits from California, Texas and New York that were consolidated last year. The suits charged that DoubleClick violated state and federal laws by surreptitiously tracking and collecting consumers' personally identifiable data and combining it with information on their Web surfing habits..."

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