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.: Reading your mouse movements - 10th Sep 2001

"A website that can read your body language and know what you want before you have even clicked on anything may sound like science fiction. But this is what researchers in the US are working on.

A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, US, say they have developed a way to record mouse movements on a page and learn how people behave when they are on the internet..."

.: Drug War Casualty: Privacy? - 8th Sep 2001

"More than 50 conservative groups are warning that the U.S. government's drug war has led to an unacceptable casualty: loss of privacy.

They're planning a press conference Monday to ask the Senate to take up the topic when it considers President Bush's nomination of John Walters to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

A letter signed by 55 groups as of Friday afternoon urges senators to ask Walters "for assurances that he will reform the conduct of the drug war" to address privacy and civil liberties. He's scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary committee on Tuesday..."

.: Who's Reading Your Resume? - 7th Sep 2001

"People who post their resumes on, the world's largest job-seeking site, "face considerable threats to their privacy," according to a watchdog group.

In a 24-page report, The Privacy Foundation on Wednesday accused Monster of discussing the sale of users' private data to marketers, failing to completely remove resumes after job-seekers deleted them, and sending user information to America Online to satisfy the terms of a business agreement.

The group also said that resumes submitted to corporations that use Monster's technology are "routinely sent to without disclosure to job seekers." ..."

.: The Positive Side of Biometrics - 5th Sep 2001

"The biometrics industry, tired of bad press and what one CEO called "hysteria" over applications such as face-scanning, is working hard to improve its public image.

Privacy advocates charge that face-scanning and other biometrics -- technologies that identify people using their physical characteristics - smack of Big Brother and could be used to track anti-government activists.

But industry leaders complain that the media has flaunted worst-case scenarios without mentioning the technologies' benefits..."

.: Feeling exposed? Watchful technologies could soon put everyone under surveillance - 1st Sep 2001

"In the world detailed by George Orwell in the novel 1984, surveillance cameras follow every move a person makes, and the slightest misstep, or apparent misstep, summons the authorities. Now, similarly, police departments, government agencies, banks, merchants, amusement parks, sports arenas, nanny-watching homeowners, swimming-pool operators, and employers are deploying cameras, pattern recognition algorithms, databases of information, and biometric tools that when taken as a whole can be combined into automated surveillance networks able to track just about anyone, just about anywhere..."
[MIT TechReview]

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