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.: The Parasite Economy - 7th Aug 2001

"There's a new software business model in town -- symbiotic plug-ins that pay for the privilege of piggybacking on the hot download of the moment.

Some of these programs fall into a class labeled by critics as "spyware." Because they reside on your hard drive but automatically "phone home" to outside servers on the Net (to upgrade themselves, or retrieve ads), they can threaten user privacy and security, say critics -- raising the awful prospect that complete strangers will find out exactly what you've been downloading..."

.: Activists target U.S. surveillance system - 26th Jul 2001

"A group of Internet activists hopes to bring attention to the controversial U.S.-led communications spy network Echelon with a "Jam Echelon Day." But privacy experts say the protest as planned will have a minimal effect on the sophisticated surveillance system.

Organizers of the cyberevent, set for Oct. 21, are encouraging the Internet community to send out as many e-mail messages as possible containing certain "trigger words" they believe the Echelon system is programmed to watch for..."

.: Privacy advocates take aim at Windows XP - 26th Jul 2001

"Several privacy groups are set to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday regarding Microsoft's imminent release of Windows XP, alleging unfair and deceptive trade practices.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center, a Washington, D.C.-based public-interest organization, and privacy group Junkbusters, as well as at least five other groups will ask the FTC to prevent the launch of Windows XP based on potential privacy threats arising from the operating system and Passport software, according to Marc Rotenberg, executive director for EPIC..."

.: Is your TV set watching you? - 26th Jun 2001

"Consumer group says technologies that track viewing habits are new threat to personal privacy.

Are you watching your television set or is it watching you? The same technologies that are threatening privacy on the Internet including consumer data collection, profiling and targeted advertising are now being adopted by the U.S. television industry, according to a report released Tuesday..."

.: Car spy pushes privacy limit - 22nd Jun 2001

"Car renters beware: Big Brother may be riding shotgun

In a case that could help set the bar for the amount of privacy drivers of rental cars can expect, a Connecticut man is suing a local rental company, Acme Rent-a-Car, after it used GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to track him and then fined him $450 for speeding three times.

The case underscores the ways that new technologies can invade people's privacy, said Richard Smith, chief technologist at the not-for-profit Privacy Foundation..."

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