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.: Busted! FBI nails notorious scamware artists - 4th Jun 2010

"Three people associated with a slew fake antivirus products, including the hated XPAntivirus and Antivirus 2008, face indictment on criminal charges. The FBI announced last week that criminal indictments had been issued for three people associated with a group of rogue antimalware products known collectively as "WinFixer..."

.: Like Facebook, Google Also Struggles With A Privacy Issue - 4th Jun 2010

"We all know that Facebook has had more than its fair share of struggles with privacy issues. But the social networking site isn't the only Internet titan battling privacy concerns. Google obtained data it probably shouldn't have through the process it uses to take photographs for its Street View maps service..."
[The Atlantic]

.: Zuckerberg says Facebook is getting 'privacy right on the whole' - 3rd Jun 2010

"Talking at D8, a technology conference in Los Angeles, Zuckerberg defended the social network’s privacy settings, which it overhauled last week, saying that because more than 50 per cent of the 500 million users had changed their pirvacy settings at one point – demonstates that "users understand the tools..."

.: Facebook changes are not enough say groups - 27th May 2010

"The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says that "more is needed" from Facebook to address privacy criticisms. In a blog post, the civil liberties group praised Facebook for a "great first step" towards giving members of the site more control over their data..."

.: Most surfers vulnerable to "history sniffing" attacks - 23rd May 2010

"Three quarters of the surfing population are open to “history sniffing” attacks that can expose surfing habits and even identify where they live..."
[pc pro]

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