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.: All That Data, All That Secrecy - 26th Mar 2001

"Big Brother may know who you are, but do you know who Big Brother is?

If you showed up at the Federal Trade Commission's workshop on the privacy implications of database marketing Tuesday, the answer is probably still no..."

.: Up for sale: Privacy on the Net - 26th Mar 2001

"If you are reading this article about privacy, you most likely use the Internet to gather information about topics that interest you. You may also go online to e-mail your friends, look for a new job, check out your investment portfolio and/or shop for such items as books, clothes, plane tickets and pharmaceutical products..."

.: Total Info System Totally Touchy - 1st Jan 1970

"Can a massive database of information on Americans really preempt terrorist attacks? That's what industry experts are asking about the Pentagon's proposed Total Information Awareness System, which, according to the proposal (PDF), would aggregate on "an unprecedented scale" credit card, medical, school and travel records.

Critics say looking for terrorists by rooting around in private, commercial databases of Americans' personal information violates the Fourth Amendment -- not to mention citizens' privacy. Some in the industry even refuse to work on the project on ethical grounds..."

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