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.: Why does Windows get slower over time? - 11th Apr 2007

"If you use Windows, you know the story: the months pass, and your once-snappy computer becomes sluggish, unstable, or unpredictable. The natural impulse is to blame Windows itself. The phenomenon is so well known and widespread that some in the industry have even coined a term for it: 'Windows rot.' The idea is that, for lack of a specific cause, Windows just performs worse the longer you use it..."
[Malaysia Sun]

.: Protect yourself from ID theft - 4th Apr 2007

"Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately and notify one of the three credit monitoring agencies if you discover your identity has been stolen. Never give out your personal information to anyone who asks for it by phone or e-mail, unless you know the person or have initiated the conversation..."

.: Nearly half of firms report losses from malware - 3rd Apr 2007

"Nearly half of companies worldwide suffered some kind of business disruption due to malware, according to new findings. The latest State of Internet Security report from IT security company Webroot found that companies are also spending more on helpdesks because malware is overwhelming organisations..."
[IT Pro]

.: Keeping identity thieves away - 30th Mar 2007

"When it comes to computers, perhaps the most invasive and malignant of these outside forces comes in the form of “spyware.” Spyware is software that is downloaded on a computer without the knowledge or consent of the user. When the computer is connected to the Internet, spyware relays a wealth of information about the user’s activities. Some forms of spyware are able to log and relay a user’s keystrokes..."

.: CA Anti-Spyware 2007 - 30th Mar 2007

"CA (formerly Computer Associates) has rebranded itself and its antispyware product (formerly eTrust, and formerly PestPatrol before that) as, simply, CA Anti-Spyware. Unfortunately, rebranding seems to be all they've done, as the PestPatrol product was once one of the best antispyware applications on the market and now pales in comparison to newer and better designed applications..."

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