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.: Spyware hits U.S. soldiers computers, redirects pay - 23rd Mar 2007

"U.S. Defense Department officials have launched an investigation into recent computer hackings of servicemembers’ home computers that compromised personal information and led to the redirection of funds from their military pay accounts. Over the past eight months, nearly two dozen Defense Finance and Accounting Service “myPay” participants have had their accounts accessed by unauthorized personnel, officials said..."
[Malaysia Sun]

.: ‘Cyber Thieves Are Hauling in More Cash Than Drug Dealers’ - 23rd Mar 2007

"A major worldwide malware epidemic is putting greater wealth in the hands of criminals and has prompted PC Tools to update award-winning Spyware Doctor. “The malware epidemic is exploding and our Malware Research Center has witnessed some disturbing trends such as blended attacks, proliferation of toxic rootkits — and worst of all — a 120-percent increase in new crime-based threats,” said Michael Greene, Vice President of Product Strategy..."

.: Homeland Security dismisses Real ID privacy concerns - 21st Mar 2007

"A senior U.S. Department of Homeland Security official on Wednesday said he finds privacy concerns prompted by the proposed Real ID regime puzzling. Stewart Baker, the department's assistant secretary for policy, said a forthcoming system of uniform national identification cards will not put more personal information into the hands of motor vehicle administrators or result in a massive centralized database that is more susceptible to hackers..."

.: Shamed adware advertisers slip up again - 21st Mar 2007

"Online travel site Travelocity and mobile phone provider Cingular are violating the terms of a legal settlement by advertising through adware and spyware applications. Spyware researcher Ben Edelman posted evidence last week of advertisements for the two firms being pushed by the Fullcontext, Deskwizz and other spyware applications..."

.: Photocopiers: the new ID theft threat - 21st Mar 2007

"Photocopiers are the newest threat to identity theft, a copier maker said today, because newer models equipped with hard drives record what's been duplicated. At tax time, when people photocopy tax returns, confidential information may be easily available to criminals

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