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.: Hackers' infections slither onto Web sites - 4th Jan 2007

"It was the year when cybercriminals targeted everything from MySpace to Wikipedia, and even a Web site maintained by a Kentucky Boy Scout troop wasn't safe for casual browsing.

Computer security experts said 2006 was also the year that hacking stopped being a hobby and became a lucrative profession practiced by an underground of computer developers and software sellers..."
[Mercury News]

.: Sony has far to go in rootkit case - 21st Dec 2006

"Sony BMG is making amends in California and Texas for secretly loading antipiracy software onto customers' computers. But the record label has a long way to go before putting the public relations nightmare behind it. Sony BMG, which Sony operates jointly with Bertelsmann Music Group, agreed earlier this week to pay $1.5 million in fines and pay customers in California and Texas whose computers suffered damage as a result of Sony's surreptitiously installed digital rights management (DRM) software..."

.: Targeted security attacks on the rise - 16th Dec 2006

"Corporate and industrial espionage attacks are on the rise using targeted trojans intended to steal intellectual property and confidential information, according to the 2006 Annual MessageLabs Intelligence Report. MessageLabs now intercepts two attacks each day, compared to one per week at the same point in 2005
[IT Week]

.: Anti-spyware Buying Guide - 15th Dec 2006

"In the age of broadband, spyware has become as insidious a threat as viruses. Though often not as malicious or dangerous as a virus, spyware is much more widespread. Ever since the infamous "Elf Bowling" game that installed spyware on hundreds of thousands of PCs worldwide, spyware has been a major problem. Today, the National Cyber-Security Alliance has estimated that spyware infects more than 90% of home PCs..."
[PC World]

.: Stolen Boeing laptop held ID data on 382,000 - 14th Dec 2006

"Boeing confirmed that a laptop stolen from an employee's car contained sensitive information on 382,000 employees and retirees. It is third such incident at the aircraft giant in the past 13 months. The laptop, whose theft potentially puts the individuals at risk for identity theft, contained names, home addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and dates of birth for current and former Boeing employees..."

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