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.: Security holes for the holidays - 23rd Nov 2006

"There's no time off from Internet threats. A flaw common to Firefox and IE could leak passwords, while a security hole in Mac OS X is among the latest in a promised month of bugs..."

.: Windows hit by "extremely critical" 0-day vulnerability - 6th Nov 2006

"Microsoft is warning against a new exploit in all Windows versions except Windows 2003 that is actively being exploited by attackers. The flaw allows attackers to take over control of a system. They could exploit the flaw by luring their victims to a specially crafted website or a page on a social service like Myspace..."

.: Virus writers target web videos - 1st Nov 2006

"The growing popularity of online video has caught the attention of malicious hackers and hi-tech criminals. Security firms are reporting more and more instances of booby-trapped Windows codecs - file compressors - required to play some video formats..."

.: Information disclosure bug blights IE7 release - 20th Oct 2006

"Security researchers have already discovered an information disclosure vulnerability in IE7 hours after the release (story here) of Microsoft's long-awaited browser software upgrade. The flaw stems from error in the handling of redirections for URLs with the "mhtml:" URI handler. Security notification firm Secunia reports that the same bug was discovered six months ago in IE6 but remains unresolved. In any case, the flaw has managed to find its way into the code-base of IE7..."
[The Register]

.: Security expert: User education is pointless - 12th Oct 2006

"Users are often called the weakest link in computer security. They can't select secure passwords, and they write down passwords and give them out to strangers in exchange for treats. They use old or outdated security software, can't spell the word phishing, and click on all links that arrive in e-mail or instant messages, and all that appear on the Web. That's the reality, Stefan Gorling, a doctoral student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, said in a talk at the Virus Bulletin conference here Wednesday..."

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