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.: Spyware threat is growing claims PCWB - 11th Oct 2006

"One in two UK businesses have been affected by spyware while 14 per cent admitted they were unaware of spyware and its effects, according to research published today by PC World Business. The research found that 26 per cent of businesses surveyed said they were unsure if they were protected from attacks..."

.: Hacker attacks hit home computers 50 times a night - 9th Oct 2006

"Home computers can be attacked by hackers more than 50 times a night, the results of an experiment showed today. Every time a test PC was connected to the internet, it was targeted by viruses and attempts to gain access to the information it contained..."

.: Video of a Nasty Spyware Attack - 5th Oct 2006

"I hope you've never experienced a full-fledged spyware attack. If you practice safe computing and use an anti-spyware program, you've covered all the bases. Being that you've never been assaulted by spyware(!), here's your chance to see a nasty attack: It's a video from McAfee titled "Spyware Rubbernecking..."
[PC World]

.: Latest Windows Exploit Spreads, ZERT Issues Fix - 2nd Oct 2006

"Microsoft said it is working overtime to fix a flaw in Windows that a security company noted on Monday could soon be used by as many as 600 malicious Web sites. Multiple versions of exploit code for the vulnerability in the "WebViewFolderIcon" ActiveX control -- also dubbed the "setslice" bug by some security organizations -- has been spotted on the Web, said the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center Monday..."

.: Another zero-day threat hits Windows - 2nd Oct 2006

"Sample code is circulating on the Internet for an attack using a flaw that Microsoft knows about, but has not yet fixed. On Thursday, Microsoft warned people about a vulnerability in the Windows Shell, the part of the operating system that presents the user interface. The flaw affects Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and could be exploited via the Internet Explorer Web browser through a component called WebViewFolderIcon..."

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