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.: AOL Scanner Ignoring Firm's Own Adware - 28th Sep 2006

"I notice that after the America Online security center does a scan for spyware on my computer and I follow that up immediately with a scan by another spyware product, it discovers a lot of adware and a number of cookies that AOL left on my computer..."
[Hartford Courant]

.: Gartner predicts rise of rootkits - 28th Sep 2006

"Research analysts at Gartner are predicting a sticky web of security hazards for IT professionals over the next two years, ranging from targeted financial attacks to spyware to rootkits..."

.: Microsoft patches bad browser bug - 28th Sep 2006

"Microsoft has released a patch for a bug in the Internet Explorer browser two weeks early to combat a mounting number of attacks made via the loophole. The software giant usually releases security updates once a month. However, the growing number of attacks using the loophole forced it to move early..."

.: Exploit Rocks IE, Downloads Scores Of Spyware, Adware - 25th Sep 2006

"An unpatched vulnerability in all editions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser is being exploited, security researchers said Tuesday, with the attack dumping a broad range of adware, spyware, and Trojans onto PCs whose users simply surf to an infected or malicious site..."

.: Spyware on the majority of consumer PCs, report finds - 25th Sep 2006

"Webroot Software has just published its State of Spyware report for the second quarter of 2006. The report reveals some interesting findings from the company's review of consumer and enterprise PCs. 89% of consumer PCs analyzed contained spyware, up significantly from 72% in the fourth quarter of last year..."

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