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.: Explorer security hole about to go global - 23rd Sep 2006

"The unpatched Internet Explorer exploit discovered in the wild this week could quickly spread to thousands of malicious websites as soon as this weekend, warn security researchers..."

.: Malware Now a Group Effort - 9th Aug 2006

"Hackers are taking a page from the open-source playbook, using the same techniques that made Linux and Apache successes to improve their malicious software, according to McAfee.

Nowhere is this more apparent than within the growing families of "bot" software, which allow hackers to remotely control infected computers..."
[PC World]

.: MySpace Adverts Infect Millions With Spyware - 22nd Jul 2006

"The controversial social networking site, MySpace is in the news again, as more than a million Myspace users have fallen victim to malicious software that installs spyware via a Windows bug. The spyware spreads to the PC through a pop up advertisement, when browsing the site on Internet Explorer versions which have not been patched against the Windows MetaFile (WMF) bug. Reports say that the malicious advertisements have been running on MySpace since last week..."

.: Report: Hackers engage in vulnerability auctions - 14th Jul 2006

"Hackers are participating in vulnerability auctions in which they sell newly discovered security vulnerabilities to criminals rather than disclose them to vendors who could develop the patches to fix the flaws, according to a report released today by Finjan Software, a developer of security software..."

.: Curing Your Computer of Spyware - 14th Jul 2006

"Is your computer suddenly behaving erratically? Sluggish performance, more-frequent computer crashes, and a steady stream of pop-up ads can be symptoms of a spyware infection. In an era when people frequently download music, videos, screensavers, and other programs from the Net, spyware infections have grown all too common. At least half of the world's computers have played host to a spyware program at one time or another, computer security firms estimate..."

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