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.: Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection? - 31st May 2005

"The next time you run a scan with your anti-spyware tool, it might miss some programs. Several anti-spyware firms, including Aluria, Lavasoft, and PestPatrol, have quietly stopped detecting adware from companies like Claria and WhenU--a process called delisting. Those adware companies have been petitioning anti-spyware firms to delist their software; other companies have resorted to sending cease-and-desist letters that threaten legal action.

In most cases it's difficult for customers to determine whether their anti-spyware tool has delisted anything and, if so, which adware it skips..."

.: Ransom Seeking Spyware On The Loose - 31st May 2005

"The face of malware changes, with SpywareNo. The malware was reported by PandaLabs and has the ability to con users into buying their software.

After the attacks in recent weeks of PGPCoder, a Trojan that encrypted files with certain extensions and then demanded a sum of money to reverse the process, or Topspyware, which behaved in a similar way to the current threat, SpywareNo joins the list of what has been dubbed "ransom-ware", i.e., malicious software used by its creator to demand ransoms..."
[CIO Today]

.: Web Analytics Industry Confronts Cookie-Deletion Trend - 26th May 2005

"The tempest caused by the Jupiter Research report showing widespread deletion of cookies was not surprising considering how important cookies are to tracking Web users. Without them, data on how many unique visitors a site was getting could be called into question, which in turn casts doubt on marketing moves and other decisions based on that data.

Released in March, the report said 39 percent of Web users acknowledged deleting cookies -- code stored on a user's hard drive so that a site they click to in the future will recognize them as return visitors -- at least once a month, with smaller but still significant numbers eliminating them from their computers daily or weekly..."
[EC Times]

.: Scientist Blames Web Security Issues on Repeated Mistakes - 26th May 2005

"Scientist Peiter "Mudge" Zatko makes his living anticipating and protecting users against the next generation of cyber threats. His problem is simple: When he talks, not everybody really listens. If they did, the next generation of cyber threats wouldn't be lurking around the next unprotected computer.

Zatko was a witness for the House and Senate Joint Judiciary Oversight Committee and testified before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs in 1998. There he warned that, if they were so inclined, hackers could bring down the Internet in 30 minutes and keep it down for several days..."
[EC Times]

.: US votes to outlaw spyware - 24th May 2005

"THE US House of Representatives has voted to establish new penalties for purveyors of internet "spyware" that disables users' computers and secretly monitors their activities.

By overwhelming majorities, the House passed two bills that stiffen jail sentences and establish multimillion-dollar fines for those who use secret surveillance programs to steal credit-card numbers, sell software or commit other crimes.
Spyware has emerged as a major headache for computer users over the last several years. It can sap computing power, crash machines and bury users under a blizzard of unwanted ads. Scam artists use spyware to capture passwords, account numbers and other sensitive data..."
[Australian IT]

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