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.: Hackers Tune In to Windows Media Player - 11th Jan 2005

"Hackers are using the newest DRM technology in Microsoft's Windows Media Player to install spyware, adware, dialers and computer viruses on unsuspecting PC users.

Security researchers have detected the appearance of two new Trojans, Trj/WmvDownloader.A and Trj/WmvDownloader.B, in video files circulating on P2P (peer-to-peer) networks. According to Panda Software, both Trojans take advantage of the new Windows anti-piracy technology to trick users into downloading spyware and adware applications..."

.: IE Plagued by 'Extremely Critical' Flaws - 10th Jan 2005

"Millions of Internet Explorer 6 users are at risk from three "extremely critical" security holes that give hackers open access to PCs running the browser -- even if Windows XP Service Pack Two has been installed. The first issue centers on the browser's drag-and-drop capability, which does not validate new files correctly.

This means that, potentially, a document downloaded from a Web page using drag and drop may contain malicious code. The other problems affect all Windows systems, including those protected by Local Computer zone lockdown, which comes with SP2..."
[E-commerce Times]

.: Passport chips raise privacy concerns - 10th Jan 2005

"A controversy is brewing over a U.S. State Department decision to put identification chips inside all new passport covers, a program scheduled to start by late 2005.

The passport chips differ from those now commonly used for building entry or identifying the family dog. Those chips only provide one piece of information -- a unique identification number -- when pinged by a radio receiver. The passport chips will hold much more data, from 64 kilobytes to eventually 514 kilobytes, as much as the first personal computers..."

.: Microsoft launches anti-spyware beta - 8th Jan 2005

"Microsoft on Thursday introduced a beta version of its Windows AntiSpyware application. The product is designed to help protect users of Windows products from spyware--software that's secretly installed on people's computers for a variety of purposes, such as bombarding them with pop-up ads and tracking their Internet usage. The company claims the anti-spyware tools will help people keep their computers running faster and with fewer Web-related glitches.

The beta, which is available for download on the company's Web site, was built using technology Microsoft gained through its December acquisition of Giant Software, which specialized in spyware-fighting tools..."

.: IE flaw threat hits the roof - 8th Jan 2005

"Three unpatched flaws in Internet Explorer now pose a higher danger, a security company warned, after code to exploit one of the issues was published to the Internet.

Secunia said Friday that it had raised its rating of the vulnerabilities in Microsoft's browser to "extremely critical," its highest rating. The flaws, which affect IE 6, could enable attackers to place and execute programs such as spyware and pornography dialers on victims' computers without their knowledge, said Thomas Kristensen, Secunia's chief technology officer. "In order for us to rate a vulnerability as extremely critical, there has to be a working exploit out there and one that doesn't require user interaction..."

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