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.: Identity theft: Get used to it - 27th Aug 2002

"One of the strengths of digital communications is the ability to momentarily borrow an insanely expensive computer network, such as using the Internet, to deliver a message, make a purchase or look up information.

Ironically, this most freeing quality of the computer age has also become its most troublesome aspect. Since we share these services with many other people, we have to identify ourselves with digital "keys" each time we use one. And it's these same identification keys, which provide the convenience of use, that can invite misuse by identity thieves..."

.: Data Plan Ignites Firestorm in Japan - 25th Aug 2002

"TOKYO -- The first stop for new residents of a Japanese neighborhood is the local government office, where they dutifully report their presence and give details of their family. Soon after, the police may stop by to politely ask again who is living there.

On moving out, they must again notify local authorities and get a report to take to the ward office of the next place they reside. This official tracking is accepted with equanimity by most Japanese, as is the requirement for an even more detailed "family registry" that lists everything from divorces to births, deaths and domicile..."
[Washington Post]

.: New Salvo in Piracy, Privacy War - 21st Aug 2002

"The music industry's trade association is asking a federal district court to force an Internet service provider to turn over private information for a subscriber, heating up the legal war between technology and entertainment companies.

The Recording Industry Association of America wants Verizon Internet Services to turn over information on one of its subscribers, who the RIAA suspects of offering a large collection of MP3s for download..."

.: Group warns of massive EU surveillance - 20th Aug 2002

"Privacy advocates claim that the European Union plans to make sweeping changes to laws that govern communications-related data retention and privacy, requiring the long-term storage of such information and making it available to governments.

Statewatch, a U.K.-based Internet organization that monitors threats to civil liberties within Europe, said Monday that European governments are planning to force all of the continent's telephone carriers, mobile network operators and Internet service providers to store details of their customers' Web use, e-mails and phone calls for up to two years..."

.: Your ID Please, Citizen - 17th Aug 2002

"September 11 was quickly followed by calls from some lawmakers and business leaders for a more robust national identification system: ID cards that possess sophisticated biometric data, making them harder to forge than today's driver's licenses. Privacy advocates are strongly opposed, arguing that such cards, while enabling the government to track individuals and access personal data, would do little to separate the innocent citizen from the walking security threat..."
[Popular Science]

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