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.: Dot-com noir - 1st Jul 2002

"When Internet marketing goes sour: A sordid tale of spyware, "junk traffic," bodybuilding and a half-baked plan for Hollywood glory.

The men who ran Website Results, an Internet marketing company, had a unique test for gauging the moral fiber of their employees. According to former colleagues, Ronald J. Penna, Michael K. Osborn and Kevin Smith used to pose this question: Imagine there's a peasant somewhere halfway across the world. If you could push a button and kill the person without getting caught, would you do it for a million dollars..."

.: Ad grab: Net firm buys DoubleClick unit - 1st Jul 2002

"Online marketing services company L90 said Monday that it has signed a deal to acquire DoubleClick's ad sales business. Under the agreement, Los Angeles-based L90 will acquire DoubleClick's North American Media business for $5 million in cash and 4.8 million shares; it also plans to change its name to MaxWorldwide. DoubleClick said it will be entitled to an additional $6 million if MaxWorldwide is profitable for two out of three consecutive fiscal quarters over the next three years.

The agreement is DoubleClick's latest move to unload its media services divisions. In January, the online marketing services company phased out its Internet ad-profiling service. That same month, Germany-based AdLink acquired DoubleClick's European media business to expand its digital marketing business..."

.: 'ID card' opposition warning - 30th Jun 2002

"David Blunkett faces strong opposition to plans to introduce entitlement cards for benefit claimants, a senior Labour backbencher has warned. David Winnick said the home secretary risked opposition from across the political spectrum over the planned card, amid fears it could herald a compulsory identity card for everyone.

And writing in a Sunday newspaper, former Conservative cabinet minister Peter Lilley pointed out that when the Tories had tried to introduce benefits ID cards the police said it would do nothing to help them in their jobs..."

.: Publishers sue Gator over pop-ups - 27th Jun 2002

"A group of publishers this week sued the Gator online advertising network in a bid to bar the company from serving pop-up ads on their Web sites without their permission. The suit was filed Tuesday in federal court in Alexandria, Va. The Washington Post, The New York Times, Dow Jones and seven other publishers allege that Gator's ads violate their copyrights and steal revenue.

Redwood City, Calif.-based Gator is "essentially a parasite on the Web that free rides on the hard work and the investments of plaintiffs and other Web site owners," according to the filing. "In short, Gator sells advertising space on the plaintiffs' Web sites without (their) authorization and pockets the profits from such sales..."

.: Defending the PC invasions - 26th Jun 2002

"Once a haven for anonymous surfers, the Internet is more like a nudist colony--thanks to marketing tools such as tracking devices and hidden software that takes over your PC. Do we need regulations, live with it or find a way to strike back? ..."

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