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.: Your PC's enemy within - 24th Jun 2002

"The Wild West days of cyberspace are over--and, like it or not, it's time for government to change its laissez-faire attitude toward the Internet and create laws that clearly prevent unscrupulous businesses from preying on unsuspecting consumers and seizing control of computers.

Technologies that "piggyback" on free software available on the Net, often unbeknownst to those who download it, are being used with rising frequency by marketers seeking to pinpoint potential customers. But many of those same programs can be used to spy on an individual's every move and even take over a PC's hard drive--in theory, if not in practice..."

.: UK climbdown on 'snoop' bill - 18th Jun 2002

"Home Secretary David Blunkett has admitted he blundered over plans dubbed a "snooper's charter" to give a raft of public bodies access to private e-mail and mobile phone records.

The proposals are to be put on hold indefinitely in the face of huge opposition, which the home secretary conceded his department totally failed to predict..."

.: EU expands privacy probe to music apps - 15th Jun 2002

"Add music-player software to the list of technologies the European Union is considering regulating in the name of privacy.

Because many European nations have strict privacy laws, the EU is trying to hammer out policies to deal with the numerous new products that share people's personal information--even if the data is only collected and stored in aggregate form.

In a new working document adopted May 30 and recently made public, an EU data-protection group studied the many challenges of enforcing privacy protections when it comes to technology that tracks people without their knowledge, such as cookies and scripts..."

.: Privacy worries fuel domain name concerns - 15th Jun 2002

"Web users are worried that changes to a list of who owns which web domain will put their personal privacy at risk.

Later this year Nominet, which runs the .uk domain, is planning to expand the amount of personal information people can find out about owners of these domains.

Some fear the changes will put them at risk of identity theft and endanger the people they run sites for..."

.: ID theft--on the rise for e-biz - 14th Jun 2002

"As e-business grows, identity theft will evolve from credit card fraud to corporate identity theft, having profound implications on the company's bottom line and employee behavior, according to IBM's security expert.

Stacy Cannady, from IBM's client security product management, told ZDNet Australia corporate ID theft would allow criminals to order goods on company accounts or conduct industrial sabotage. For the victim, this could result in regulatory violation, legal compromise or competitive disaster..."

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