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.: The pop-up ad campaign from hell - 7th May 2002

"It's the latest in Web marketing innovation: Hijacked Web surfers, exploited Web browser vulnerabilities and malicious spyware all wrapped up together. Looking for state-of-the-art Internet skulduggery? Try this: Thousands of unsuspecting visitors to a family entertainment site are discovering a cornucopia of unwanted, potentially malicious software on their computers -- the result of a pop-up ad campaign, a booby-trapped Web site, a compromised Web browser, and strange doings at a shadowy Los Angeles company.

The story starts at Flowgo, a site that prides itself as the leading family entertainment portal. According to officials at eUniverse, the California firm that operates Flowgo, a pop-up ad that ran at the heavily trafficked humor site for a couple of weeks until late April caused the trouble..."

.: They Know What You're Watching - 5th May 2002

"One day after a federal magistrate judge ordered Sonicblue to monitor the TV-watching habits of people who use its ReplayTV 4000 personal video recorder, the company is hard at work on two separate tracks: While its legal team works on a way to stay or perhaps reverse the ruling, its engineers are trying to come up with software to track thousands of ReplayTV customers in the event that the ruling is not changed.

On Thursday, Magistrate Judge Charles Eick told Sonicblue to gather "all available information" about what TV shows are copied, stored, viewed without commercials or traded using the ReplayTV 4000..."

.: Study: Customers wary of online IDs - 26th Apr 2002

"Microsoft and other technology makers struggling to define new Web services business models have another obstacle: consumer distrust of online authentication systems.

A new Gartner study indicates that despite compulsory sign-up programs, consumers aren't interested in online identity and authentication accounts--such as Microsoft's Passport and AOL's Screen Name service--and won't be anytime soon..."

.: Hill Back to Biz of Biz Privacy - 26th Apr 2002

"Privacy is back.

Congress and the White House abruptly shelved the topic after last September's terrorist attacks -- and quickly enacted a passel of new laws that granted police unprecedented surveillance powers.

No, there's no move afoot, at least not yet, to limit FBI wiretapping, Internet monitoring, or the ability of courts to approve secret search warrants..."

.: A law to protect spyware - 26th Apr 2002

"Sen. Fritz Hollings is pushing a bill that supposedly safeguards online privacy -- but actually gives intrusive marketers a green light.

Outrage surged through users of the KaZaA file-sharing utility when they learned, early in April, that a new breed of spyware had been installed on their computers. KaZaA, probably the most popular heir to Napster's throne, was already well known for coming bundled with a wide variety of parasite programs that serve up advertisements, track Web-surfing activity, and otherwise cause mischief. But the newest arrival topped anything seen before in scope or ambition..."

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