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.: Hotmail at Risk to Cookie Thieves - 26th Apr 2002

"MSN Hotmail users, guard your cookies. A simple technique for accessing Microsoft's free e-mail service without a password is in the wild and apparently being exploited.

The trick involves capturing a copy of the victim's browser cookies file. Once the perpetrator gains two key Hotmail cookies, there's no way to lock him out because at Hotmail, cookies trump even passwords..."

.: Anti-Spyware Program Targeted By Multimedia Player - 24th Apr 2002

"Calling the tactic "malware at its worst," Lavasoft said its privacy software is being silently deleted when users install a third-party multimedia player. Newsbytes has confirmed that installing RadLight version 3.03 deletes Lavasoft's Ad-Aware program, as promised in a warning in the software's 1,100-word license agreement.

Ad-Aware is a free program designed to scan a PC for ad-supported software components or "spyware" and to remove them..."

.: Sounding off: Privacy vs. free speech - 20th Apr 2002

"Privacy and free-speech advocates faced off Friday at a high-profile computer conference here, debating a widening rift over how public records should be made available on the Internet. For years, records such as voter registration data, dog license information and most court filings have been freely available. Someone hoping to cull information from those files had to simply go down to the courthouse or agency in person and request the records

But as it becomes easier to wade through--and search across--public records that contain personal data, privacy advocates are warning that your neighbors can learn all your secrets with just a few clicks of the mouse..."

.: Silicon Valley's Spy Game - 19th Apr 2002

"There are, at the moment, legal restrictions prohibiting the sharing of data by government agencies. The most important restriction was passed in 1974, to prevent President Nixon from ordering dragnet surveillance of Vietnam protesters and searching for their youthful marijuana arrests. I asked Ellison whether these legal restrictions should be relaxed. ''Oh, absolutely,'' he said. ''I mean absolutely. The prohibitions are absurd. It's this fear of an all-too-powerful government rising up and snatching away our liberties.'' Since Sept. 11, Ellison argued, those qualms no longer make any sense: ''It's our lives that are at risk, not our liberties,'' he said..."

.: "1984" awards target Ellison, Ashcroft - 19th Apr 2002

"Attorney General John Ashcroft and database billionaire Larry Ellison were named this year's most notorious American violators of personal privacy by leading advocacy groups on Thursday.The annual "Big Brother Awards" are presented to government, corporations and private individuals who allegedly have done the most to threaten personal privacy.

Privacy International, a London-based activist organization made up of privacy experts and human rights organizations from dozens of countries, presented the awards at the annual Computers, Freedom & Privacy conference here this week. Several well-known U.S. privacy activists also attended the ceremony..."

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