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.: Hollings pulls together Net privacy bill - 19th Apr 2002

"Sen. Ernst "Fritz" Hollings, D-S.C., on Thursday introduced an online privacy bill that would force companies to obtain explicit permission from individuals before collecting and sharing information about them.

Hollings' Online Personal Privacy Act aims to make privacy laws consistent across the United States, pre-empting all state statutes and regulations related to Internet privacy. Hollings said the proposal has been significantly narrowed from previous versions and reflects the European Union privacy directive, which recognizes different types of information..."

.: EU shifts stance on cookies - 18th Apr 2002

"Internet users will not be warned before cookies are installed on their computers if the European Parliament accepts the recommendations of one of its key committees.

The Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs said Thursday that people should not be warned before a Web site installs a cookie on their hard drive. The issue is being considered as part of the committee's scrutiny of the draft European electronic data collection and privacy directive..."

.: Privacy fears move closer to reality - 18th Apr 2002

"In a post-Sept. 11 world, the technical opportunities for surveillance seem endless: national identification cards, face-recognition systems and video cameras on street corners.

But who will ensure that those technologies are not abused in the name of protecting citizens from terrorism?Technologists, free-speech experts and general hangers-on are grappling with that question and others at the Computers Freedom & Privacy conference here this week..."

.: PC invaders - 18th Apr 2002

"Virginia Watson unwittingly authorized a company she'd never heard of to install software that would help turn her computer into part of a brand-new network.

The software, from Brilliant Digital Entertainment, came with the popular Kazaa file-swapping program. But the 65-year-old Massachusetts resident--who has a law degree--didn't read Kazaa's 2,644-word "terms of service" contract, which stated that Brilliant might tap the "unused computing power and storage space" of Watson's computer..."

.: How to uninstall Brilliant Digital's software - 8th Apr 2002

"Brilliant Digital Entertainment quietly installs its own software with every copy of the Kazaa file-swapping software. The Brilliant Digital software, which is being progressively distributed over the next few weeks, can later be remotely "turned on" to become part of a new network.

Executives from Brilliant Digital and Kazaa's parent company say people can uninstall the Brilliant Digital or Altnet software from their computers without interfering with the Kazaa program itself. This is true, but it's not an easy process..."

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