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.: Geeks Gather to Back Crypto - 17th Sep 2001

"Rob Carlson is worried about something that most Americans would consider entirely obscure: the future of encryption technology.

Carlson, a 21-year-old programmer who typically sports a floppy, pin-studded safari hat, fears that the U.S. Congress, in the wake of last week's bloody attacks, may vote for anti-terrorism legislation that also threatens privacy. "There's nothing as permanent as a temporary restriction," he says..."

.: Send in the online spooks? - 17th Sep 2001

"In the aftermath of terrorism, civil libertarians are running for cover. But are they protesting too much?

Privacy advocates and civil libertarians are perpetually on guard, but after Tuesday's deadly airline hijackings, they are faced with a new and potent enemy -- public fear. Will a Congress desperate to do something in response to the horrifying carnage sweep in a slew of unprecedented restrictions on personal freedoms? The outcry of protest has already begun..."

.: American Red Cross - 13th Sep 2001

"World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pittsburgh Tragedies

The American Red Cross has immediately responded to the explosions at the World Trade Center in New York City and in the Pentagon and on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. that occurred early in the morning on September 11, 2001. The Red Cross has activated its Aviation Incident Response (AIR) Team to respond in New York City and trained disaster workers from the American Red Cross are providing relief in the affected areas.

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.: Privacy Trade-Offs Reassessed - 13th Sep 2001

"Objections to Surveillance Technology Face New Test After Attack.

When the FBI came knocking a year ago, asking Internet companies to install an e-mail eavesdropping program so that the bureau could catch potential criminals, many executives balked. It was, they said, an invasion of personal privacy. But yesterday, when the agents came seeking information that might help them find the perpetrators of the attacks that likely killed thousands at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, some were willing -- even eager -- to help out..."

.: Did Encryption Empower These Terrorists? - 13th Sep 2001

"And would restricting crypto have given the authorities a change to stop these acts?

“Well, I guess this is the end now. . . .” So wrote the first Netizen to address today’s tragedy on the popular discussion group, sci.crypt. The posting was referring what seems like an inevitable reaction to the horrific terrorist act: an attempt to roll back recent relaxations on encryption tools, on the theory that cryptography helped cloak preparations for the deadly events..."

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