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.: HP's Fiorina calls for broader privacy laws - 21st Aug 2001

"Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Carly Fiorina kicked off a conference on resuscitating the New Economy by calling for government legislation to ensure privacy for Web users. Fiorina said her industry had not lived up to its leadership responsibilities in setting such standards.

"I think we in the technology industry have fallen in love with technology. And in the end it is not about the technology," Fiorina told a conference organized by the Progress & Freedom Foundation think tank. "Privacy and security, or trust, are vital to consumers, and that is what we should focus on. There is a role for legislation."..."

.: Gator chomps on innocent banner ads - 17th Aug 2001

"Already contending with a weak advertising market, Web publishers have another beast to worry about: Gator.

The software company, known for hawking pop-up ads that let companies advertise on rival sites, is working a new variation on the theme--selling ads designed to block banners on sites such as Yahoo with pop-ups of the exact same dimensions, completely obscuring the original ad. The pop-ups hover over the banners even when the Web visitor scrolls down the page, making it even more difficult to discern that the visible ad is a substitute..."

.: Privacy group attacks Windows XP, Passport - 16th Aug 2001

"A group of privacy organizations on Wednesday renewed their attacks on Microsoft's Passport authentification service and Windows XP, asking the Federal Trade Commission to mandate changes in Microsoft's new operating system.

The loose affiliation of 14 groups amended an existing complaint filed in late July with the FTC. During a media event here, Marc Rotenberg, executive director for the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), said the groups had filed a 12-page supplemental complaint "alleging that Microsoft by offering Passport (authentication) and associated services is engaging in unfair and deceptive trade practices in violation of Section 5 of the FTC act."..."

.: Web bug swarm grows 500 percent - 14th Aug 2001

"Research released Monday shows that the use of surveillance technology popularly known as Web bugs is on the rise, putting online companies in a precarious position with the consumers they're snooping on.

In the last three years, Web bug use has grown nearly 500 percent, according to Cyveillance, an Internet technology and analysis company. The flood can be traced to the number of secondary pages carrying the tags, including personal Web pages linked to large community sites and Internet service providers, the report found..."

.: Online anonymity wins again - 14th Aug 2001

"In another victory for online anonymity, a California judge has ruled that Yahoo does not need to reveal the identities of some message board posters.

In a ruling Friday, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Neil Cabrinha said online critics who posted messages about Oklahoma-based legal company Pre-Paid Legal Services can keep their names under wraps.

Pre-Paid said it needed to know the identities of the posters to determine whether they had revealed company trade secrets. However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which represented the posters, argued they were merely exercising their First Amendment right to criticize the company..."

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