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.: Armey stands with ACLU in privacy crusade - 13th Aug 2001

"As House Majority Leader Dick Armey sees it, every time a camera snaps a driver running a red light or a software program tracks someone on the Internet, a piece of the Constitution is chipped away.

Armey, R-Texas, a champion of conservative causes, says he believes government has been too quick to embrace technology that he says infringes on Americans' private lives. And he is consorting on the issue with some unusual company: the American Civil Liberties Union.

"I believe that as little intercourse with the government as is necessary is what we are entitled to in America," Armey said..."

.: Judges protest workplace surveillance - 10th Aug 2001

"Privacy experts are cheering a revolt by some federal judges against workplace monitoring. But they say it will take more than just a protest to ensure that employers aren't snooping on workers' electronic habits.

A few months ago, a group of federal workers--including some judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals--asked their staff to disable electronic monitoring software for a week, saying it was unnecessarily invasive. As a result, a panel of influential judges will take a closer look at the issue at the U.S. Judicial Conference meeting next month. The group has the power to decide whether such electronic surveillance should take place among its workers, a spokeswoman for the 9th Circuit said..."

.: IE 6 central to privacy in Passport - 9th Aug 2001

"Microsoft will soon be offering better privacy and security for online consumers, but at a price: exclusive use of the company's forthcoming Internet Explorer 6.0 Web browser.

Microsoft executives said on Wednesday that the company's Passport authentication service will soon support an emerging privacy standard called Platform for Privacy Preferences, or P3P. The standard is advocated by the World Wide Web Consortium, a Web standards body and was adopted by Microsoft in June for use in its software..."

.: Privacy: The ugly truth - 7th Aug 2001

"What is privacy? When most of us think about privacy, if we do at all, we think about closed doors and drawn window shades or hiding our actions from others. We must change the way we think about privacy. Perhaps we need a better word.

Think about privacy like this: is there information in a database somewhere that you wouldn't want everyone to look through? Not because you have something to hide, but because it's simply private information. Take for example your financial information, your medical records, or your buying patterns..."

.: Web sites prey on rivals' stores - 7th Aug 2001

"A growing number of online companies are ambushing competitors through software that springs open advertising windows where marketers want them most--in front of customers visiting rival Web sites.

Such ads find their way onto browser windows through "plug-ins" that come bundled with certain software downloads. While several companies participate in the practice, it gets its name from one of the most popular.

One online executive referred to Gator and other programs as "hijackware," applications that easily whisk consumers from a point of sale at one site to a competitorís site..."

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