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.: Your boss knows you're reading this - 30th May 2001

"Employee privacy in the United States is under siege as old rules for what employers can and cannot monitor give way to a regime of everyday observation, patchy legal protections and conflicting business priorities.

Software that pores over intimate e-mail correspondences, tracks worker performance or thwarts employee theft has narrowed the realm of privacy for employees in offices, factories, on the road or telecommuting from home..."

.: The Case Against Absolute Privacy - 29th May 2001

"Any company that doesn't properly safeguard people's personal information will suffer the same fate as a bank that doesn't safeguard people's money. It will go out of business. But privacy is not always desirable -- and absolute privacy is a disaster waiting to happen.

Take medical records. If you're in an accident, do you want an ambulance driver to be able to access your medical records online? I think you do. Do you want everybody to? No..."

.: Privacy terms firmed in cybercrime pact - 25th May 2001

"Stiff criticism from the EU and pressure from groups has prompted drafters of the world's first treaty against cybercrime to tighten provisions protecting privacy online, the final text showed on Friday.

The Council of Europe, a 43-state human rights watchdog, has amended the text to ensure police respect privacy rights when they follow digital trails to fight online crimes such as hacking, spreading viruses, using stolen credit card numbers or defrauding banks..."

.: Ad form offers one-stop opt-out - 25th May 2001

"People seeking to protect their privacy can complete a single Web form to keep major advertising companies from collecting data about their Internet browsing and shopping habits.

Under pressure to better protect privacy, the advertising industry has set up two new Web sites that let computer users refuse to have their personal data collected and profiled when they visit popular commercial Internet sites..."

.: Europe Braced for Privacy Battle - 24th May 2001

"A British civil liberties watchdog called Statewatch grabbed headlines last week with dire predictions that the European Union is about to grant Euro-cops sweeping new surveillance powers.

The report portrays Europe on the brink of an Orwellian catastrophe, where all phone, fax, wireless and Internet traffic records would be archived and accessible to law enforcement for seven years..."

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