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.: EU condemned over planned 'snoop laws' - 17th May 2001

"Be careful to whom you talk on the net or phone; soon law enforcement agencies could win sweeping powers to scrutinise the electronic communications of every European.

Proposals are being put forward to the European Union to make communications companies keep records of all phone calls, e-mails, faxes and net use for seven years, just in case police forces need to search them during criminal investigations..."

.: "Spyware" piggybacks on Napster rivals - 15th May 2001

"As online file traders stream to Napster alternatives, many find their computers saddled with unwanted piggyback software that tracks their online movements and feeds them unwanted advertising.

In efforts to locate revenues from their free services, companies that create popular programs, including BearShare, Audio Galaxy Satellite and iMesh, are adding outside pieces of software that have nothing to do with file trading..."

.: What They (Don't) Know About You - 11th May 2001

"When Richard Smith got his FBI file, he learned a lot of interesting things about himself. He found out that he had died in 1976 and that he may have previously been married to a woman named Mary. He also discovered that he may be known as "Ricky Smith" or "Rickie Smith" -- aliases he shares with a couple of convicts doing hard time in Texas.

En fin, Smith -- who is the chief technology officer of the Privacy Foundation -- found that his FBI file contained more errors than correct data..."

.: What Do They Know About Us? - 1st May 2001

"Forty years ago Professor Alan Westin, an American academic, predicted a world where it would be possible to track people's lives. It would be possible, he said, to discover "when someone entered the highway and where he got off, how many bottles of Scotch he purchased from the liquor store; who paid the rent for the girl in Apartment 48". As Paul Vickers has been finding out, that world is here, only more so..."

.: Will Big Brother track you by cell phone? - 21st Apr 2001

"Thanks to car PCs and Global Positioning System receivers in wireless phones and handhelds, location services soon will eagerly offer roadside assistance, traffic updates, and route planning as well as shopping and services guides. But what will these services do with the information they gather on your habits and whereabouts?..."

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