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.: Microsoft's 'HailStorm' service stirs up online privacy issues - 10th Apr 2001

"As if an antitrust battle wasn't enough, Microsoft has thrust itself into the growing national debate over online privacy with its new Internet-services initiative, code-named HailStorm.

Microsoft is betting consumers will be willing to disclose more personal information in coming years, in return for HailStorm's ability to simplify online shopping, collaborating and communicating..."
[Seattle Times]

.: Legal Victory for Internet Advertising Industry - 7th Apr 2001

"In a major legal showdown between Internet data harvesters and privacy advocates, a federal judge has ruled that an advertising company's conduct in gathering detailed information about consumers through the use of "cookies" -- small files containing identification numbers -- and other technology for the purpose of targeting online ads does not violate federal laws..."
[NY Times]

.: New technology serves ads sans cookies - 4th Apr 2001

"An advertising technology company is hoping to turn concerns about Internet privacy to its advantage, offering a way for companies to deliver online ads without using electronic markers known as cookies..."

.: Privacy organization hits TiVo recorder - 27th Mar 2001

"The non-profit Privacy Foundation is accusing TiVo, which makes a "personal video recorder" that pauses live TV and saves favorite shows to a hard disk, of having the ability to collect data on viewers' individual habits and track them in a central database..."
[USA Today]

.: DoubleClick security sloppy - 27th Mar 2001

"Something has gone wrong with DoubleClick’s computer security. The firm Monday admitted that computer intruders twice last week broke into Doubleclick machines, though the company disputes claims by a French researcher that consumer data was at risk..."

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