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.: Ads on Facebook serving up adware - 18th Sep 2007

"An apparent adware distributor is placing ads that download adware and spyware on to the unpatched Windows computers of those visiting the popular Facebook website. Roger Thompson, chief technical officer of Exploit Prevention Labs, revealed the exploit in a blog posting..."
[SC Magazine]

.: Sony confirms security problem - 4th Sep 2007

"Electronics giant Sony has confirmed a recently discovered security flaw in some of its products that could leave PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers. The firm said that the fault, which affected software packaged with memory sticks, was developed by a third-party..."

.: Credit agency suffers 'misappropriation' of 2.3 million consumer records - 3rd Jul 2007

"Florida-based Fidelity National Information Services on Tuesday announced a "misappropriation of consumer data" by a former employee of its Certegy Check Services subsidiary. The former employee allegedly sold 2.3 million consumer records to a data broker who, in turn, sold the information to various marketing organizations..."

.: Spyware hackers raid Calif. city coffers - 12th Jun 2007

"Hackers attempted to swipe $450,000 after stealing login credentials associated with bank accounts run by the city of Carson, California. Police are working on the theory that the password for the general fund account was stolen after miscreants planted key-logging spyware onto a PC used by city treasurer Karen Avilla..."
[The Register]

.: Malware 'hijacks Windows Updates' - 18th May 2007

"Virus writers may be able to smuggle malicious files onto a computer using Microsoft's security patch updates, experts say. At least one program is in circulation that can hijack a key component of Windows Update to introduce malicious software that could be used to hijack a computer..."

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