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.: Anti-spyware bill passed - 7th May 2007

"The House Judiciary Committee passed on May 2 an anti-spyware bill that would make it illegal to place unauthorized code on a computer and use it to obtain or transmit personal information or to impair the security protections on the system. The Internet Spyware Prevention Act, also known as I-SPY, would allow for fines and five-year prison terms for those responsible for such acts. The National Retail Federation supports the bill..."
[DM News]

.: Anti-spyware campaign begins - 13th Apr 2007

"A campaign to highlight the prevalence of spyware on the average computer has been launched. Panda Software, a security company, has set up a website at where you can go to check whether your PC has picked up any programs that could be reporting on your activities to online criminals..."

.: Microsoft fixes 'critical' flaws - 11th Apr 2007

"Windows users are being urged to download the latest security patches from Microsoft to protect themselves. In its monthly security update Microsoft released five patches, four of which are for flaws the software firm rates as "critical..."

.: FTC official: Let's imprison spyware distributors - 11th Apr 2007

"Steep fines are nice, but one of the best weapons against spyware purveyors is locking them up, a federal regulator told senators on Tuesday. At a morning Senate Commerce Committee hearing here, Federal Trade Commissioner William Kovacic said most wrongdoers in the spyware arena "can only be described as vicious organized criminals..."

.: Doubling up not bad idea to fight adware, spyware - 11th Apr 2007

"My question is about the program SpyBot Search & Destroy. I want to protect my computer against adware and spyware. According to my son, I only need Windows Defender. My thoughts are that it could not hurt to have an additional program..."
[Palm Beach Post]

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