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  This page holds demos of JavaScript cookies. The cookies will open on a simple page, so it is easy to view the script. Use your brouser's "view source" command to see how it's done. These cookies do not require the use of CGI scripts.

Personal start page demorequires Internet Explorer

Customization demo
This demo lets you change the preferences of a page.

Cookie Counter 2
Personal Counter, consists of 2 parts Cookie Script and gettimes script. This may work on more browsers, than the one above.

Cookie Counter 3
Personal Counter, and message, In a javascript alert box.

Advanced cookie
This Consists of 4 parts, where the cookie has access from, what browser is being used, The personal counter, and a rating for the number of times.

Javascript Cookie 6
This Personal hit counter and rating for the number of hits.

Cookie Name with Greeting
Greets you with the time of day, name and a comment.

Using JavaScript and Cookies
Displays the clients browser type, and greating message, + personal hit counter.

Last Visit Cookie
Displays the clients operating system and browser type, tells you what date and time you're last visit was and gives you a list of sections which have been updated since you're last visit.

Cookie Name Demo
Brings up your name everytime you enter that page.

Cookie Name demo 2
Brings up your name everytime you enter that page.


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