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  Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is a public-interest research center established to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and the values of the U.S. Constitution. EPIC maintains an extensive list of privacy resources including organizations, publications, conferences, and newsgroups, as well as a privacy archive of online documents and articles.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) is a nonprofit consumer education and research program administered by the University of San Diego School of Law. PRC's fact sheets offer practical, consumer-oriented information on topics ranging from cellular-phone eavesdropping to employee monitoring. PRC also operates a telephone hotline that consumers can call for information about privacy issues.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit civil liberties organization dedicated to protecting privacy, free expression, and access to online resources and information. EFF has been actively involved in a landmark case challenging the federal government's restrictions on the export of cryptography software; it also maintains an archive of information about privacy, surveillance, and cryptography.

Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies. CDT's Privacy Issues and Demonstration Site features privacy resources and an interactive demo showing what its Web server can find out about you. Its Health Information Privacy Issues Page contains updates on the 1996 Medical Records Confidentiality Act. CDT also maintain resources on cryptography policy.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) is an alliance of computer professionals and others interested in the impact of computer technology on society. In 1994 its program office for privacy and civil liberties spun off to become the Electronic Privacy Information Center, but CPSR still posts information about the organization's privacy activities at its Web site.

Privacy International was formed in 1990 as a watchdog group for monitoring surveillance by governments and corporations. Its resources have a worldwide focus, covering international human rights agreements as well as privacy policies in foreign countries. It also bestows the annual Big Brother awards on the most invasive companies and public officials.

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